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BLKMRKT or Justin Eckerd is a; producer, engineer and studio owner currently in KY. He got his start in music at a very early age and has been producing rap, hiphop, pop since he was 13 years old. Growing up he played guitar and sang in church, which is also where he learned about audio engineering. He is now the owner of Blkmrkt Recording Studio in Bowling Green, KY and works full time as head engineer and in house producer. He aspires to create a legacy and leave his foot print in the industry. With over 250 tracks produced for artists, he's well on his way. His top role models in the industry are Rick Ruben, Jimmy Iovine, KY Engineering, Kanye West, Dj Khaled and Noah 40 Shebib and hopes to inspire others like they've inspired him. His advice to young producers, engineers or anyone looking to get into the industry is "Jump. Don't allow yourself to be controlled by fear. When you think about the what ifs, think about what if it works? Never what if this goes wrong? When you start to think that, thats when it does." 

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